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Top Tips for Planning Your Autumn Wedding Flowers

Autumn is fast becoming a very popular period for weddings. With the turning of the season and the rich warm colours you can be sure of beautiful images with all of the red and oranges and soft lighting. Generally the weather in October can be crips and cool also meaning no hot and sweaty days.

I for one love an Autumn wedding having had my own wedding in October, it is definitely a firm favourite.

In this blog I will be giving some of my top tips for planning your autumn wedding flowers so that you have wedding blooms and decor which will perfectly compliment the season and your day!

1. Choose colours that compliment the season. This is one area I wished I had considered for my own day 12 years ago! Having opted for at the time fashionable blush and blue looking back at my images it could be difficult to tell I got married in mid October. Granted we were so lucky with a beautiful sunny and warm day but the light, turning of leaves and the colours just do not scream autumn days. If I were to do it all agin (I wish) then I would definitely opt for warm seasonal colours in brown, toffees, green and nudes.

2. Use seasonal flower. Right up until the first frost there is an abundance of beautiful and seasonal dahlia, chrysanthemum, scabiosa, foliages and grasses, all perfect for beautiful seasonal bouquets that come in a multitude of beautiful colours. By using seasonal flowers will also give you a real feel for colours that will suite the season and work perfectly for your day.

3. Use pampas sparingly. Pampas although beautiful and a wonderful filler is an alligen and can be quite triggering to some people. If you plan to incorporate pampas and grasses into bridal party flowers check with bridesmaids and groomsmen in regards to allergies and minimise use too closer to guests.

4. Use a mix of fresh and dried elements to your flowers. By mixing elements of fresh and dried flowers you can use colours and textures which may not necessarily be available in the Autumn but it also added beautiful details and textures perfect for the season.

5. Add candlelight to your decor and styling. No doubt if you are getting married in late September going into October and November as you sit down for your reception the nights will be drawing in. If your venue allows then do add candle light to your ceremony and reception. This will add romance, intimacy and cosy vibes to your day.

6. Incorporate greenery. Even during the cooler autumn months foliage and greenery still looks fresh and is abundant. You can get a mix in beautiful greens, reds and oranges, all seasonal and all local. Make the most of this beautiful resource and incorporate greenery wherever you can.

6. Have fun. No matter what you opt in terms of colour and style just remember the key to the designs resonating with you is to have fun and choose the colours and styles that you are drawn to for joyful and beautiful memories to look back on for a life time!

For more autumn wedding inspiration do have a read of this blog all about Jasmin and Cory’s beautiful September wedding

If you are planning an autumn wedding I would love to support you with your flowers. To arrange a no obligation consultation then do drop a contact via the contact page

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