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7 Stunning and Seasonal Flowers for a Spring Wedding

Spring is fast approaching and with this mind this blog will explore some of my favourite spring flowers that will make your wedding flowers sing with delight providing a beautiful and seasonal look for all of your wedding day flowers and styling.

In the UK spring runs from mid March to mid June in which time an abundance of blooms do come into season. This can of course vary month to month and the blooming time and date of flowers varies as a result of the weather and temperature but here are just a few of the most beautiful spring flowers and styles that I love for any spring time wedding.

The Ranunculus - hands down this is my favourite spring flower. These pretty little flowers are full of petals and have a beautiful round shape. They remind me a little ballet tutus and are the perfect early spring flower to replace the much loved peony in early spring.

Another beauty from the Ranunculus family is the Butterly Ranunculus. This variety doesn’t have quite such a full petal look and are much more delicate but equally stunning. They have amazing floaty heads and make a beautiful floating focus in any bouquet or smaller floral design.

Peonies tend to make many couples wish list. However they do have a very limited shelf life with availability being limited to from April to June. However, if you are getting married in these months peonies are definitely a flower to consider. Their large full beautiful heads act as a wonderful focal flower and they come in the most varied of shades from whites to corals to suite any couples wedding colour scheme.

Daffodils are not a flower that you immediately link to wedding florals however, if you are having an Easter wedding or are opting for a yellow wedding theme then they are definitely a flower to consider. They have a beautiful scent and come in colours from soft creme to vibrant yellow. They can the the full focus of any bridal bouquet or used as a finishing nod to the season.

Tulips again are not an immediate choice for bridal flowers however, tulips are definitely a flower to consider if you wish to keep your spring wedding seasonal. There are many different varieties of tulips from standard to double headed and parrot tulips. Some open up with big beautiful heads and again can act as a wonderful substitute to the peony.

Lilac is a beautiful flower and has a wonderful soft scent. It is in season from April to June but this can vary greatly as a result of the weather. It is defiantly a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement.

Blossom although very limited to just a few weeks in early spring is an absolutely beautiful element to add to wedding flowers, backdrops and installations. Soft and delicate with a little pop of colour it definitely give a wonderful nod to the season.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year to have a wedding. There is plenty of beautiful choices of flowers and foliages in a wealth of colour. Have fun planning your spring wedding day and spring wedding flowers and do explore with your florist about what is in season and would work beautifully in your design.

If you are looking for inspiration for soft pastel spring wedding flowers when so have a read of this blog all about a Whimsical Themed Garden Wedding

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