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8 Historical Wedding Traditions We Love

Navigating through numerous wedding traditions can be overwhelming, making it hard to decide which ones to incorporate. While some have stood the test of time, others have faded away. Here are some of our favourite traditions and their history - some of which is shocking!

  • Something Blue: Dating back to Roman times, brides wore or carried something blue to symbolize love and fidelity. This tradition remains popular, especially when blue is elegantly incorporated into floral arrangements.

  • Confetti Throwing: The throwing of confetti started in Northern Italy and came to the UK during Pagan times. The act of throwing petals, rice or paper was believed to bestow wishes of fertility and prosperity on the newly wed couple.

  • The Bouquet Toss: Originating in the 1300s, brides in England used to toss their bouquets to unmarried female guests. It was believed to bring them good luck and fertility. Although this tradition is not as common today, it still creates fun moments and memorable images from your day.

  • Wearing or Carrying Flowers: Wedding flowers have ancient roots, initially symbolising good fortune and fertility during the Roman era. Flowers were later used to mask unpleasant body odours. Queen Victoria was responsible for making wedding flowers truly fashionable.

  • Buttonholes: In the 16th century, grooms wore buttonholes to ward off evil spirits, featuring a mix of herbs with various meanings. In the 18th century this tradition evolved into a stylish accessory for grooms that we still appreciate today.

  • Bridesmaids: Originally, brides and their bridal party dressed alike to confuse kidnappers and protect against evil spirits as the bride travelled to her husband to be's village. Today, bridesmaids support the bride throughout the wedding preparations and on the big day.

  • Groomsmen: In the past, groomsmen assisted grooms in the antiquated practice of "marriage by capture" during biblical times. Thankfully, this tradition has transformed, with groomsmen now offering support leading up to and during the wedding day.

  • Wedding Cake: Who doesn't love cake? Traditionally cake was served at weddings to offer guests good luck. Now cakes tend to take centre stage in offering a beautiful wedding centrepiece.

The history of some of these traditions is so surprising. However, we love the way they have developed through history to the traditions that we have today. will you be including any of these in your wedding day?

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