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Why Have Wedding Florist V's DIY Wedding Flowers

Posey Rose will always advocate having a wedding florist for your day. They can ensure that you have the freshest and most beautiful flowers and help to eliminate any stress on the run up and day of your wedding. This blog will give you an insight into the behind the scenes work we do to set up your day and ensure it is perfect for you.

On the day of your wedding our goal is always to ensure that you have no stress when it comes to your wedding flowers. That is why Posey Rose Flowers only provides a full design, delivery and instillation service.

For the most part your wedding floral designs will get made in our workshop using the most beautiful and freshest ingredients. Your flowers will be fully conditioned, with access to a water supply in a cool setting. Equally, when it comes to delivery everything will arrive to you in a water source - my aim is always to deliver your wedding flowers from your bouquet to that beautiful arch in the freshest and most gorgeous state as possible.

On the day of your wedding we will come into your venue and set out your flowers for your ceremony and reception. If you are having your ceremony and reception in the same room if we will always try to find a creative way to style your wedding reception flowers into your ceremony so as to add the most bang to your buck! Any instillations such as arches, moon gates and hanging instillations will be made of site.

Once we are happy that everything looks perfect it is time to bring your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets to you! You will be shown how best to hold it and look after it for the day. As an added bonus we always supply bouquet vases as a part of our floristry service to house your bouquets once your reception comes round. This will help to keep your wedding bouquets going throughout the day and so hopefully the following day you have a beautiful bouquet to take home with you.

Any buttonholes will be left with your wedding co-ordinator who generally are pros when it comes to pinning these onto your groomsmen or bridal party.

Posey Rose wants you to have the most pleasurable and stress free day - happy couples equals happy florists!

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