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Using Dried Flowers In Your Wedding Bouquet

The popularity of dried flowers continues to grow and is now a popular wedding flower choice. They are a sustainable choice which can be sourced throughout the year. They have the added beauty of lasting a lifetime with a little TLC. Dried flowers will not wilt or loose their shape meaning you can hold onto the memory of your day through your wedding flowers for years to come.

Dried flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours meaning that they will be a style that suits your day.

When using dried flowers you can use them in a couple of ways making beautiful arrangements to suite your individual day and wedding style.

Exclusively Dried Flowers

Opting to use exclusively dried flowers through your day makes a modern and beautiful statement. Bouquets can be structured and include flowers that may not be in season on the date of your wedding. Such as dried dahlia for a winter wedding and dried peonies for a summer wedding. Died bouquets are a fun and fashionable alternative to the traditional fresh flower bouquet.

One thing to bare in mind with it comes to dried flowers, particularly if you are wearing or holding them is that they can cause an allergic reaction for some people. Check with you’re bridal party beforehand and make sure you top up on anti allergy medicine if there is a risk.

Dried flowers also make a beautiful statement in arches and big instillations. They are brilliant for adding structure and height and can make a really stand out statement perfect for the modern styled wedding.

Mixed Fresh and Dried Flowers

Adding dried flowers into fresh arrangements is a fun, unique and modern way to add texture and colours to your wedding flowers. Dried flower and seeds heads, pampas and foliages can all be added to bouquets and arrangements to make for fun and alternative arrangements. Mixing dried and fresh flowers creates a contrast and depth to your florals. Equally mixed flower styles can work well in big arrangements and table centres. We especially love this style for a luxe autumn or winter wedding with all of the texture adding the feeling of warmth and luxury.

For more inspiration when it comes to using dried flowers do have a read of this blog all about a beautiful winter wedding using a mix of fresh and dried flowers at Elmore Court.

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