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Traditional Wedding Flowers

There are so many traditions when it comes to wedding flowers and some of them are really quite outdated. Despite this I often get asked what is the ‘normal’ thing to do with flowers on your wedding day.

Honestly I think the normal is out and love it when a couple design their weddings specifically to their needs, likes and wants. It makes a day so personal and beautiful. However, this month I wanted to spend some time exploring some of the traditions linked to wedding flowers.

The Bridal Bouquet

The tradition of carrying wedding flowers dates back to ancient times. In Ancient Rome brides carried flowers believing the they signified new beginnings, fidelity and fertility. Towards the middle ages herbs were introduce to wedding flowers in the belief that it would ward away evil spirits.

In the Victorian times flowers became more of a statement piece for the wedding and this was introduce by Queen Victoria who carried a small Posie of beautiful flowers on her wedding day. Brides began to copy this and carry flowers on their big day. These flowers were carefully chosen with each bloom having a different meaning and purpose within the bouquet. Beautiful bridal bouquet are defiantly one tradition which I for one am glad stuck around and anything goes from the neatest of Posies to the wildest of design. Have fun dreaming up your ideal bouquet!


Boutonnieres or Buttonholes are generally worn by the groom and his groomsmen within a wedding. Traditionally worn on the lapel these tiny Posies of flowers were worn to mask any unpleasant body smells, (luckily this isn’t the case any more) but is one of those traditions which stuck around. Generally this is a tradition which couples still really do love with most couples opting for the traditional style of Buttonhole. However, there has been an emergence of alternative styles including small meadows, floral bow ties and tiny wreath arrangement which all look wonderful.

Ladies Corsages

Traditionally corsages are worn to honour certain people within the wedding - normally the Mother of the Bride and Groom and perhaps any Grandmothers or significant female members of the family. Traditionally worn on a ladies lapel or chest or more recently worn on the wrist. However, this is becoming a somewhat outdated tradition with many couples now choosing by bypass corsages. While others now choose to use these in a different way by giving Bridesmaids corsages instead on Bouquets.

Flower Girls

The tradition of flower girls dates back to ancient Rome with children carrying wheat and herbs to bring fertility to a couple. This developed in Victorian times when children would wear white and carry flowers to look beautiful and signify the brides innocence. Today flower girls are a fun addition to the wedding party and carry anything from small bouquet, hoops or fun wands.

The Wedding Breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast or more commonly known as the Wedding Reception dates back to the seventeenth Century. Traditionally the Bride and Groom would have fasted in the run up to the wedding and so on the big day they would have had a huge meal after the ceremony in turn breaking the fast. Although couples do not traditionally fast the wedding breakfast in a tradition many couples follow with beautiful receptions decorated with flowers and special details. Traditionally most couples have flowers decorating each table. However, with the rise in grazing and sharing style meals more decorative and smaller displays and details can add beautiful details.

When it comes to planning your wedding there really are no longer any old traditions that you should be following. Take the opportunity to plan a personal and fun day for you as a couple and enjoy the process!

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