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Top Tips for decorating a Marquee, Tipi or Tent Wedding

Marquee and Tipi weddings are becoming increasingly popular. They offer so much versatility for a couple allowing them to create a very personal setting and day. They can be set within gardens, the outdoor space at wedding venues or beautiful farms and locations can be hired for your wedding day. The possibilities really are endless.

When decorating a marquee wedding you have a beautiful blank canvas to work with. However, sometimes this can feel daunting. With this in mind here are some of our best tips when it comes to planning a marquee wedding.

Think Up. As the space within a marquee or tipi is big, tall and open having something hanging from a centralised point, around the area or over a top table or focal area will really help to bring the height down creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. There are some may possibilities from hanging ladders, hoops, clouds and chandeliers but this is defiantly one area you won’t want to miss when planning your marquee decoration. Generally your florist will be able to support you to plan an effective and safe hanging instillation and will have some great ideas to incorporate this. Some companies have hoops and props which can be hired and decorated so talk with your supplier about what options they are able to offer.

2. Plan your wedding flowers and wedding decorations around fixed points. Quite often when couples are planning their wedding flowers we try to work out ways that flowers can be repurposed and moved around a venue throughout the day. However, as you will be using your marquee for the duration of the day and your guests will not be moving around different rooms it is advisable to have flowers in set places for the duration of the day. Fixed areas such as poles and ropes can look pretty decorated with simple foliage and twinkly lights. The only exception to this is free standing arrangements such as giant urns or milk churns which you may opt to have sat outside of your ceremony location and then move to your marquee after. Beautiful table centres should remain on your tables so that your evening guests can enjoy them later and to keep the tables looking beautifully decorated throughout the day.

3. Make an entrance. With no beautiful doors or welcoming point within a marquee having something sat at the entrance to your tipi or marquee will help to make a wonderful welcome for guests and set the tone for the day and the decor inside.

4. Think big. As the space within the marquee is so big and blank it is worth considering a statement instillation or focal point for the day. This could be a large moon gate, decorated arch, flower wall trees or something different such as these beautiful letter from Alanas Light Up decorated with balloons by Simply Chic Events. A large focal instillation will break up the canvas brining in the area and is a fantastic backdrop for photos.

5. Plan your tables. Having beautiful table centres in differing heights adds depth and interest to a space, finish with decorative place settings to really add the wow factor to your space.

6. Think outdoors. If the weather is good your guests will spend a proportion of the day outside of the reception space enjoying the sunshine, talking and having receptions drinks. It is worth considering where guests can sit and add beautiful touches with decorations, flowers and statement pieces to link in with your marquee decor.

I hope that this gives you a starting point when it comes to planning your personal marquee wedding. Have lots of fun with the planning process and let your personalities shine through the day.

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