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Timeless White Spring Wedding at The Pear Tree in Purton

When I was asked to flower Jessica and Ollie’s Wedding I knew it was going to be a beauty of a day. Jessica has a very clear vision of what she wanted for her day of timeless and classic designs all in green and white full of seasonal flowers that would make the Pear Tree come to life and I absolutely jumped at the chance to support her to bring this day to life.

The Orangery at The Pear Tree is a large and open space with high ceiling and lots of light. With this in mind the first thing we did was to add table centres with height. This raised the eye-line of guests and began to make the room feel more intimate. We used tall vases with flowing and large whimsical floral arrangements to add interest. So as not to make the tall arrangements feel over powering we only used these on half of the tables. The other half of the tables had low set arrangements sat in beautiful clear glass footed vases so each vessel complimented each other perfectly.

Jessica was adamant that she wanted a large floral moon gate sat behind the top table. We sat this behind the top table and in-front of beautiful draping that the couple arranged. A large and full design was created on the moon gate so as to again add intimacy to the venue and a real focus for the top table. In the moon gate stunning seasonal birch was used as a base with cow parsley, roses, peonies, hydrangea and delphinium added throughout. This gave a soft and seasonal feel to the design.

Why opt for one top table floral design with you can have 4! Jessica and Ollie wanted the abundance of the floral designs to carry though to the top table and with this in mind we created 4 arrangements to sit spread across the table and these were styled with hurricane lanterns. This approach added a real lux feel to the top table and gave the feeling of it being elongated rather than being squat with just one design placed in the middle.

For the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets an abundant foliage based was used and then beautiful white fluffy flowers added in including peonies, nigella, roses and sweet peas which made for the most beautiful and highly scented bouquets.

This was such a beautiful Spring wedding to flower and one which will stay in style for years to come.

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