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Something Blue

Adding blue into your wedding flowers is proving a popular trend for 2022 and 2023 weddings. It adds a subtile detail and colour making for beautiful and fun wedding florals. Adding in soft blue beautifully compliments whites and blush. While opting for a stronger tone can go well with whites and brighter colours.

The tradition of something blue for a bride to carry or wear has been followed for centuries and while it is not something strictly followed any more it is a nice tradition which couples seem to follow. Blue is the colour of love, purity, faithfulness and modesty. It represents borrowing happiness from another happily married couple to carry that happiness over into your own marriage. Adding blue into your wedding flowers is a modern take on this tradition.

This is exactly what Charlotte and Stephen did when they opted to used whites, blush and blues in their wedding flowers for their wedding at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury Gloucestershire. Small touches of blue were added in the form of thistles and nigella which worked perfectly for the early summer wedding and beautifully completed the fluffy peonies, scabiosa and roses used in shades of blush and white.

Greenery played an important part in the floral design for this wedding. A beautiful focal display with a large greenery based was created to sit on the mezzanine floor of the barn and then trailing flowers placed through this. We particularly loved ammi running through this giving the feeling of movement.

Although it was summer the barn did lack natural light and so beautiful lanterns were used on the reception table. These were complimented with greenery wreaths finished with florals making for perfectly placed table centres.

Photos - Rob Tarren

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