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My Top 5 Tips For Managing Your Wedding Flowers Budget

I get it, working to a budget when planning your wedding for most of us is a must, but you don't want to skimp on style and decor. With this in mind here are some of my top tips on how best to use and manage your wedding florals budget.

1. Make a Statement - if you are working to a budget it is tempting to opt for lots of smaller floral designs dotted throughout your venue - going for quantity over quality. However, these can look sparse and tokenistic. If your budget allows I would always recommend opting first for a statement floral instillation or key piece that can be used to frame your ceremony or act as a focal point. These beautiful pieces will be the things which will stand out in your photographs and make memorial impact. These include arches, moon gates, mantel arrangements, overflowing urn arrangements and hanging instillations. When sitting down for the reception your guests will be enjoying themselves far too much to expect elaborate table arrangements. They will however remember that beautiful instillation!

2. Use your bouquets - I have noticed a growing trend creeping through to 2023-2024 of couples choosing to have a number of bridesmaids - our largest bridal party to date has been 10! Once the ceremony and photos are over your bridesmaids have not further use for their bouquets. Opting for a bouquet that can sit beautifully in a vase allows for ample and decroative table centres allowing you to utilise these flowers and put additional budget elsewhere.

3. Keep your flowers seasonal- keeping your flowers and to some extent the colour scheme seasonal means that items do not need to be specially sourced and we can use a lot of British varieties. It also keeps your flowers looking beautiful and natural - a win win!

4. Move your blooms - It is my pet hate when a beautiful arrangement is made for the ceremony and then just left in a separate room for the rest of the day for no one to enjoy. With the exception of hanging and fixed arrangements your flowers can and should be moved from ceremony to reception. Meadows make a beautiful statement running down the aisle but later look beautiful running down long tables or sat by the cake, milk churn or urn arrangements can frame a to table or sit next to the table plan, ceremony table arrangements can double up as top table arrangements and arches and moon gates can sit behind top tables, act as a photo back drop or frame a band. A little pre planning prior to the big day goes a long way.

5. Be honest - When your florist asks you what your wedding florals budget is or what you feel comfortable spending on flowers we are not trying to catch you out so that we can pluck something out to that figure. When working through your consultation if we know this figure we can guide you realistically on what you can achieve or what could be substituted, parred back or changed so as to achieve the style you are wanting. If for example you have a budget of £1,500.00 but are hoping for a hanging hoop, moon gate, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, ceremony table flowers, buttonholes and bridal bouquet realistically, this budget is not going to work and we can guide you if we know this.

I hope that this has offered you some insight and ideas into your wedding florals. If you would like to explore the ideas for your own wedding flowers please do contact me for a no obligation consultation.

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