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My Top 5 Predictions for Wedding Flower Trends in 2023

Each year as wedding flower bookings come in I begin the see a trend in what is proving popular for the coming year. With this in mind here are my 5 predictions for wedding floral trends in 2023.

1. Colourful Wedding Flowers

Last year we began to see a shift from blush wedding flowers to something brighter and more unexpected. From bold and bright multi coloured flowers and jewel tones to one colour being used with tones colour definitely began to appear more obviously and with abundance. Pantones Colour of the year for 2023 is Magenta a rich colour from the red family with tones of purple and burgundy. Perfect for any season and definitely set to make a statement this year.

2. Sustainability

Couples continue to be more aware of the impact their weddings have on the environment and local community and with this in mind seasonal and British grown flowers will continue to play a pivotal role in floral design as well as sustainable floristry techniques. We have seen couples begin to use their budgets more consciously hiring decorative items, investing in larger floral arrangements rather than lots of little fussy items and using flowers and plants as table centres and later using these are gifts and wedding favours.

3. Hanging Floral Instillations

Hanging floral statements are in demand for 2023. From delicate stringed hanging blooms to huge chandeliers and hoops, hanging instillations add a feeling of intimacy and warmth to any occasion.

4. Green and White

In complete contrast to all the brights green and white flowers is one timeless trend that sets to stay well into 2023 and beyond and long may it continue!

5. Statement Wedding Cake Flowers

Florals on cakes has been popular for some time, however, there is a growing demand for statement blooms on and surrounding the cake so as to make a huge and beautiful impact throughout the day. This is definitely a trend that is adding the wow factor and a great way to use your cake as a decorative feature.

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