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My 5 Predictions For Wedding Flower Trends In 2025

We are well into the 2024 wedding season and many of you who are getting married in 2025 and bryond are getting excited and planning for your big day! With this in mind and to give you some inspiration for your 2025 wedding in this blog I am exploring my 5 predictions for wedding flowers in 2025.

Bright colours mixed in unusual combinations

We have seen the trend of mixed and vibrant colours grow over the past year and this is one trend I think is here to stay. When it comes to weddings couples are doing away with playing safe and opting for fun days full of personality, personal touches and lots of colour.

Block colours

On the same note we are also seeing couples choosing a single colour weather bright and vibrant such a pink or a softer colour such as corals and using varying shades of these colours to create beautiful arrangements.

Seasonal Flowers

Quite rightly we are all becoming more aware of the impact we have on the world. One of the best ways to manage your weddings green credentials is to choose flowers which are in season. This means that these blooms can be sourced from the UK as much as possible and are grown in a sustainable way with a very limited carbon footprint.

Statement Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Couples are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to framing their wedding ceremony indoors and outdoors now opting for asymmetrical broken arches, ceremony meadows and arrangements going from the floor up unusual structure and suspended on the ceiling. Couples are recognising that from the ceremony they will have some of their most memorable moments and photos and they are putting large proportions of their budget into making their wedding ceremony something special and unique to them.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging flowers have grown in popularity `and this is a trend set to stay for 2025. From single stem flowers to huge clouds and hoops couples will have flowers hanging flowers as a main focus for their ceremony or reception.

These are just some of the things which I think we will see in 2025 but don’t let this limit or influence your day. Your wedding flowers need to be unique and representative of you as a couple. We would love to support you with flowers to make your day sing.

Do contact us to arrange a consultation and let us help you to plan the wedding flowers of your dreams! This blog will tell you everything you need to know about a consultation with Posey Rose.

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