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My 4 Predictions for Wedding Trends in 2022

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

After almost two years of uncertainty in the wedding industry for suppliers and couples it finally feels as though the show will absolutely go on and 2022 is set to be a bumper year for weddings. In fact it has been predicted that the wedding industry in 2022 is set to be the biggest it has been since 1982 with more weddings than ever before set to take place. It is an exciting year ahead and with this in mind here are my predictions of what we will be seeing in terms of floral wedding trends this year.

Sustainable Wedding Days

Couples have become much more savvy in regards to their blooms questioning where flowers come from, what is in season and how they can be used after the big day. Sustainable floristry is ever growing with the movement of florists striving to work with no floral foam, and using seasonal and locally grown flowers which is a fantastic development in the industry. Giving consideration to how your flowers can be used throughout the day allows for less waste and also supports the management of your floral budget. From using bridesmaids bouquets as table centres and moon gates as ceremony and top table backdrops there are so many possibilities for flowers to be re-purposed throughout the day.

Big Blooms

After so many couples having to postpone or hold fire to plan their big days as a result of the pandemic couples are wanting their days to be big and memorable with statement arches and displays and bold colours and textures in their flowers. Couples are seeing their wedding days as time to celebrate with friends and family whom they just have not seen together for such a long time and they are wanting the back drop to this celebration to be perfect.

Individual Days

From sharing styled lunches as opposed to formal dinners and flowers in all shades of colours to suite an individuals style rather than a trend couples are wanting their days to be individual to them. The wedding rule book has taken a back seat to informal and relaxed days full of natural beauty and joy.


Neutrals have been on the radar of many a bride for some time now however, couple are becoming much more aware of seasonal flowers. Working with the season forces us to use colours and textures which compliment the seasons beautifully rather than forcefully making a colour scheme work. Bright summer weddings will be plentiful with foliage heavy winter days following.

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