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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? The Thoughts of a Cotswolds Wedding Florist

The last time I wrote a blog about the cost of wedding flowers was in 2021 and I felt that an update was long over due. The playing field has definitely changed since 2021 with Covid, Brexit and the rising cost of fuel, electricity and gas. All of these factors have had a significant impact on the cost of flowers and what it takes to turn these into something beautiful for your wedding day. There is no denying that flowers are now more expensive to purchase and work with.

Here at Posey Rose each wedding crated is bespoke based on the colour, arrangements and flowers that you are wanting for your day and for this reason I do not have a set price list of floral arrangements but instead provide a quote based on your needs and wants. My average client spends between £2,500 and £3,500 on their wedding flowers.

When planning your wedding flowers there are some elements which will affect the cost of the flowers for the day. These include the season, your wedding date and what it is you are wanting in terms of flowers and all of these factors need to be taken into account when planning.

The Season of the Wedding

Flowers work through seasons and their availability and quality can very dependent of the time of year that you are getting married. During the warmer months when there is an abundance of British Grown Blooms available we always strive to use as many seasonal and local blooms as possible. Some varieties of flowers are available all year from International growers, however, if the season is not right for these flowers their quality can be lacking and the cost significant. Some flowers cost more to grow and others more popular and these factors will also have a factor on the cost. It is advisable to explore with your florist what varieties of flowers are available for your day. There are always beautiful options whatever the season.

The date of your Wedding

There are some months and times in the year when flowers are just more costly due to demand. If your wedding falls around Valentines, Mother’s Day or Christmas expect to pay more for your order. The height of the summer wedding season can also mean that flowers are more costly and so the date you book your wedding does play a significant part.

The Blooms that you are Wanting

Peonies are on of those flowers that everyone knows and loves. They are stunning and look amazing in bouquets and deigns. However, they are very costly to purchase and the season for these limited to just April, May and June. The same with some premium roses. David Austin Roses always come to mind for that dreamy bouquet look. However, these also have a large price tag when it comes to purchasing and so if you are working to a tight budget alternatives or limiting the use of certain flowers is always beneficial and your floral designer can advise you accordingly.

What you are Wanting

If you are wanting some sort of arch or large instillation expect this to start from around £600 depending on the size and structure. If your floral budget is £2,000 and you have 8 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, and want flowers for 10 tables and an arch it easy to see how this is quickly going to take you over your budget. It is at these times that the process of the consultation comes into its own to support you to think about how best to utilise your flowers and realistically what budget you need to achieve the look you are wanting for your day.

Because of these factors I do not offer quotes for wedding flowers without first having a consultation with you. This gives the opportunity to explore what it is you are wanting in terms of flowers and what your expectations and wishes are. I can then advise and guide you in terms of what is achievable with your budget and how we can make a look or style work.

Based on certain budget brackets here are some things you can expect for your wedding flowers order (these are dependent however on the factors above and are just a guide).


This starting budget should allow you to accommodate your bridal party flowers with an average of a bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, some simple table arrangements and flowers for your ceremony table.


£2,000 will allow you to begin to add in more elaborate arrangements for your day. This should include your bridal party flowers small table centres and a focal ceremony arrangement such are giant urns or a half arch.

£5,000 plus

If flowers are your thing then this is a great bracket to be really creative, install beautiful and full instillations for your venue and church and show stopping arrangements as well as use the flower varieties that you have dreamed of.

These brackets are just for advice and the best way to start planning your wedding flowers is to book a consultation with a florist and explore your plans with them. Florists are skilled in advising you on bloom varieties, where you can put flowers and re-use them and what is achievable within your budget and at your venue.

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