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Flowery Consultations

Chances are flowers will play a big role in your day if you are getting married. For some people the thought of talking all things flowers and planning these details is an exciting prospect, but for others feels like just another thing to do on the already huge to do list. So many times I find brides asking if they can plan their wedding flowers via email often without giving any thought to the flowers and style they like. This often means when it comes to giving quotes and pulling ideas together we are worlds apart in our plans.

If you are just requiring a few bouquets and buttonholes then a collection of images, phone calls and emails is often sufficient. However, if you have bigger floral plans for your wedding day then more planning is required.

My recommendation with every couple is to have a wedding consultation as their starting point when it comes to planning their wedding flowers. A consultation generally is an hour long meeting where we get together and plan all things floral. This process allows you and your florist to explore with you what flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding, the types of flowers you like and the vibe you are wanting for your day. We can guide you on where best to place floral designs to make the biggest impact on your day and what could be repurposed from ceremony to reception.

Before your wedding floral consultation you will be asked to gather some information. This is so that we have a starting point and all of the relevant information to hand. Before the consultation for your wedding flowers and wedding bouquet you will be asked to gather the following information:

*The date and location of your wedding and reception.

*A Pinterest board or collection of images of flowers and styles you like. This will help your florist to get an idea of your preferences and styles when it comes to your wedding flowers.

*An initial idea of budget which is to be allocated for flowers. Now this point can feel a bit intimidating and unnecessary. However, if you present your florist with images of huge show stopping floral instillations and ask them to quote for this the chances are their quote may shock you. However, if your florist has a rough idea of your budget they can work with you to achieve a similar look but within a much more pocket friendly price.

*An initial idea of the number of items required for the bridal party including bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and guest count.

Here at Posey Rose as you can imagine we love talking all things flowers and welcome face to face consultations as a starting point. These can be conducted at our home base in North Nibley on the Cotswolds Edge or we can meet at a local location including public places such as cafes and pubs in the Cotswolds, Bristol and Bath. However, our favourite place to conduct consultations is at your wedding venue as this can really help us to bring ideas to life!

Face to face consultations are fantastic however, as we are a Cotswolds based service we appreciate that many of the brides and couples we work with come from all over the country or even the world and we have conducted consultations with engaged couples in London, Devon, Midlands and even in America. In these circumstances online consultations using Skype or WhatsApp are a perfect solution to allow us to meet face to face and plan your special wedding day!

So, you have had your wedding flowers consultation, what happens next? At Posey Rose once we have gathered all of the information related to your wedding and we have a real feel for what it is you are wanting in terms of your wedding florals we begin to put together a wedding vision, mood board and working document. This is where we will bring together all of your ideas, they vibe of the wedding and the colour scheme. We will list all of the necessary information, timings and suppliers so that we know we have one document we can use with you to support the day. Equally this document can be very useful for your other suppliers including venue dressers, cake designers and even photographers so that they know the key details of the days including colour schemes, styles and supplier details.

Now you know a little more around what to expect when having a consultation for your wedding flowers with a florist hopefully this will put your mind at ease!

We hope we can help you plan your flowery wedding one day soon!

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