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Flowers for a Spring Wedding at The Bay Tree Hotel in Burford Oxfordshire

When you search spring weddings often results include yellows, blues and pinks, beautiful but not to everyones taste.

When I was asked to make the flowers for Victoria and Peter’s wedding in March I was very excited by their brief of tones of pink and purples. The colours felt so warming for a chilly early March wedding adding a much needed pop of colour to those still darker days and complimenting their chosen venue The Bay Tree in Burford The Cotswolds beautifully.

The flowers were incorporated into a beautiful green foliage base including ferns, eucalyptus and laurel. Seasonal heather was used as a filler to add a rich tone and finer details to things such as buttonholes. With roses, seasonal ranunculus and tulips taking centre stage.

Victoria held a bouncy hand tied bridal bouquet and then had a smaller copy made as a throwing bouquet which was a fun addition to later in the day for the evening reception.

Round meadows lined the aisle and then these were later used as table centres. Two giant urns framed the ceremony table with a statement arrangement sat on the table providing a beautiful focal point for the ceremony. Everything was later repurposed to the reception so none of the blooms went to waste and allowed the reception to be decorated beautifully.

A wonderful day for a beautiful couple defiantly proving not to be afraid of going with colour for weddings in spring, autumn and winter.

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