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Colourful Wedding Flowers

Bold and bright wedding flowers are becoming increasingly popular. It is such a fun way to inject your personality and special stamp onto your day.

Often couples feel reluctant to add colour fearing it may clash with the venue or items of clothing. However, this is not the case.

By choosing a key colour or theme and then working to that rather than using every colour under the rainbow really helps to draw everything together.

For this barn styled shoot pink and coral flowers were used as the main focal colour in the form of huge peonies, hydrangea and detailed roses. Accent colours of yellow, orange and greens were then added to incorporate interest and depth to the designs. To stay within keeping at the barn soft foliages were used rather than something more tropical. Candles were lit and details added to soften everything further. This colour scheme worked perfectly for a to July summers day.

It made for such a fun and colourful shoot and really did look stunning. If you are a couple panning your 2023-2024 wedding definitely don’t be afraid to use colour.

Styled Shoot with Leafy Couture

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