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Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Styles

The likelihood is your bridal bouquet will be the most important flowers you will ever hold. When it comes to wedding bouquets making a decision about what you might like can feel overwhelming and difficult to describe to your florist what you would like. In this blog I will explore some of the standard, and out favouriate bouquet styles we make here at Posey Rose so as to give you some help and inspiration to plan your bridal bouquet.

Shower style

Shower styles bouquets have become an increasingly popular choice over the past few years. Traditionally they were super structured and all wired or made in a floral holder. Here at Posey Rose we prefer to make shower style bouquets with lots of natural movement and no plastic holders. We make them in a frame so that your bouquet has stems and a lovely natural shape. I love a shower style bouquet teamed with a slightly shaped shirt on a wedding dress or lots of lovely details trailing down the dress. A shower style bouquet is not the smallest of styles to choose so definitely it for the faint hearted.

Front Facing Design

A front facing design allows for an upright design with the benefit of allowing you to know exactly how and where to hold it. These bouquets can be made wide with trailing elements or more compact.

This style of bouquet is also perfect with the much loved trend of stacked and refluxed roses.

We love a front facing bouquet design making it our signature style.

Hand tied

Beautiful hand tied bouquets can be made as big or small as you like. Traditionally these arrangements have more of a neat and structured appearance but they can be made loose with lovely flowing elements. We often compliment our bridal bouquets with lovely loose hand tied bridesmaids bouquets.

I hope that this blog gives you the confidence to talk through your dream bridal bouquet with your wedding florist.

I believe that your wedding bouquet should be an abundance of beautiful flowers and foliage. They are all made with love, the finest ingredients and finished with the most beautiful flowing ribbons. If you would like to have a chat with Posey Rose about your bridal bouquet and the rest of your wedding flowers please drop Michelle a message via the contact page

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