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2022 Wedding Flower Styles - Our Predictions

Now that we are in the midst of engagement season many couples are planning their 2022 weddings. With this in mind here are 5 of our favourite wedding flower styles for 2022. We think these are going to be biggies!

1. Locally Grown Flowers. As a nation we are becoming much more conscious of our carbon footprint and there has been a huge surge in buying local and British made items. As a result there has been a spike in interest in regards to where flowers originate from and the season of flowers, with many a keen gardener being born during lockdown.

There are such an amazing array of flowers which can be purchased and grown in the UK meaning that when you plan your wedding flowers with a little bit of careful consideration they can be environmentally friendly and beautiful. Some of my favourite British Grown flowers are beautiful blousy Dahlia for a late summer wedding, Ranunculus for spring, Scabiosa for summer and Berries and Hellebores for winter. A vase or bouquet full of a variety of blooms and colours can look absolutely stunning.

Sustainability sits at the heart of the ethos of Posey Rose and so this is a trend that we can definitely get on board with. We have some wonderful local flower farmers we use to provide us with flowers through the Spring and Summer months. We even grow a few of our own flowers!

2. Boho Lux. The relaxed and earthy Boho Style looks set to stay for 2022 with couples preferring relaxed undone floral arrangements with beautiful seasonal flowers. Colours range from earthy coppers and reds to beautiful soft pastels. Pampas grass is a big feature in this style mixed with other dried flowers or fresh flowers meaning many elements of the wedding flowers can be enjoyed for years to come. The possibilities are endless and oh so beautiful.

3. Winter weddings. The Covid Pandemic has meant that many couples have had limited choice for those popular summer dates or had to change their wedding dates from summer to winter and I have noticed a big popularity in November and December weddings. Winter is such a beautiful time to plan a celebration in warm and cosy hotels or big and beautiful barns allowing you to really use the season to influence the wedding flowers with beautiful tonal whites, greens and reds. Some couples have an apprehension about the availability of flowers for a winter wedding but beautiful Eucalyptus, Anemone, Berries and dried flowers all look wonderful for a winter wedding. Talk with your florist about the varieties of flowers available in the winter months and get started on planning your own beautiful cosy and seasonal day.

4. Statement Instillations. The emergence of micro weddings as a result of the Covid Pandemic has allowed couples to be more creative with their wedding flowers are they have had to dress venues with smaller numbers of people and have perhaps had a larger budget to allow them to be more creative. As a result we have seen an increase in demand for larger instillation pieces to dress a venue. Floral arches, hanging clouds, moon gates, dressed arbors and banisters make a beautiful and memorable backdrop for photos on your wedding day and make a venue feel full of life and detail.

We always reccomend when working to a budget after you have accomodated your bridal party flowers put the remainder to a statement piece which can be used to frame your photos. This is where the memories of your day are going to be snapped, rather than on your reception tables, so make those statement flowers beautiful.

5. Wearable flowers - There is a long tradition of couples wearing or carrying flowers on their wedding days. The purpose in the past was to ward away evil spirts and mask unpleasant bodily smells. Luckily times have moved along and flowers are now worn to look beautiful and add detail. There are so many options when it comes to wearing flowers including the traditional buttonholes, corsages and flowers crowns. But we are loving the new trend emerging of different styles and exciting designs including floral bow ties, pocket squares, rings, scarves and fascinators. This beautiful sash was created at a workshop with Leafy Couture and we think it makes a beautiful alternative to a bouquet.

We would love to hear what your predictions are for a 2022 wedding and what styles and items you will be choosing.

Equally if you are getting married in The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Bristol or Oxfordshire area then do complete our contact form and let us help you to plan your dream wedding flowers!

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