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My Top 5 Tips For Planning The Flowers For Your Marquee Wedding

Marquees make the perfect reception space for a large summer weddings. They come in an array of different styles and sizes making for a unique space for your wedding reception. However, they can be vast and overwhelming to decorate and manage.

With this in mind todays blog explores my top 5 tips when it comes to the florals and floral styling for your marquee wedding to give you a starting point when it comes to your personal wedding day.

1. Go up. Marquees are tall and they can feel vast and impersonal. For this reason I would always recommend putting the main proportion of your wedding florals budget on something hanging down from the ceiling of the marquee. This could be one large statement piece such as a large hoop or chandelier or a number of smaller hanging instillations. Having something hanging will immediately lower the ceiling and give a more intimate feel to the space and mean that you can do less on your tables.

2. Keep your table centres low. Having something hanging and then adding in tall arrangements can feel somewhat overwhelming in a marquee with a canvas roof and I would recommend low table centres. My only exception would be if you were having a clear roofed marquee. Then the light and feeling of space allows you to be even more dramatic with your florals.

3. Choose sturdy flowers that don’t mind the heat or have arrangements with lots of access to water. Flowers do not love the heat and a large canvas marquee can be really tricky for flowers. Within your marquee choose arrangements that can tolerate the heat and have great access to water. Plants and lots of foliage is a great choice.

4. Make your top table a focus. If you are having a long top table for a lot of the reception this will be the main focus of your dinner. It's great when this can become a focus with more detailed floral arrangements and styling.

5. Decorate your entrance. The entrance to a marquee can be a little boring. If your budget allows do incorporate some focal decoration to the entrance of the marquee. This could be a grand entrance arch, a milk churn or little arrangements placed on crates. There are lots of different options to suite you and your budget.

I hope that this helps you when it comes to planning your marquee wedding. If you would like to explore options for your day do pop us through an enquiry. We would love to hear about your plans.

Photos Marcus Rice

Lisa Jade Photography

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