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My Top 5 Tips for Planning a Tipi Wedding

Tipi Weddings are becoming increasingly popular. A fun blank canvas and a little different to a marquee. However, when it comes to the styling and floral design for your Tipi wedding reception it can feel a little overwhelming. In this blog I have you my top 5 tips when it comes to managing the floral styling for your tipi wedding.

1. Think Up. When it comes to a blank space such as a tipi or a marquee the first point to consider is what you are going to do to add some intimacy to the space. For me the go to is hanging something from the ceiling. This immediately lowers the space, drawing it in and making it feel more intimate. This could be anything from a floral hoop, chandelier or something more fun such a the hanging floral bird cages in the image below.

2. Decorate Outside. When it comes to a tipi wedding inevitably your wedding guests will spend time both inside and outside of the tent - particularly if you are having your drinks reception at the tipi. With this in mind in is important to add some element of seating and florals outside to make the space feel comfortable and welcoming.

3. Make an entrance. With no official door or entrance to a tipi it is always nice to have a statement floral arrangement to act as an entrance and welcome point. This could be anything from stacked crates with little arrangements on, a large plant or a huge milk churn. The bonus is if you are getting married at a church or different location you could use these at the wedding ceremony location first.

4. Choose seasonal and hardy flowers. A tipi can get extremely hot in the summer. With this in mind take the advice of your florist when it comes to flower choices. Use lots of foliage in the design and make sure that your flowers have a great access to water.

5. Move your flowers. If you are getting married in a church or place away from where your tipi reception is then do give consideration to what could potentiality be moved from your ceremony to reception so that you can get the most use of your flowers.

I hope that this gives you some great tips to start the planning of your tipi wedding. For some more inspiration have a read of the blog The New Intimate Wedding. Equally, I am alway open to supporting ideas for Tipi Weddings through my consultation process so do drop me a line to make a booking for this via this link

Images Lisa Jade Photography and Emily Collett Photography

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